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Why laser transfers?

Laser transfers let you say yes to more customers and jobs than you ever thought possible. You can produce full color designs and complex artwork one at a time or by the hundreds. Sublimation user will love printing on dark colors and 100% cotton shirts. Vinyl users can say goodbye to weeding, simply peel the excess away in one motion no matter how complex your artwork is. DTG and DTF veterans will immediately appreciate how little maintenance there is; no more dried ink lines, shaking bottles, clogged print heads, expired inks, or messy spills. Laser printers are ready to go when you are and fit into high and low volume production environments with ease.

How does the process work?

Creating a great looking finished product using Laser Transfers only takes a few minutes. White Toner Laser Printers produce the best results using a 2-step process. First you print out your design on a specialized transparency nicknamed the "A" sheet. Using a heatpress a "B" sheet coated in a layer of white adhesive is applied to your design. Once you remove the sheets from heat, the B sheet is peeled away, only leaving adhesive behind your design. This eliminates the need for weeding, and ensures that your design will look bright and vibrant on any color of shirt or type of material. The prepared transfer is then shelf stable, and can be applied immediately, saved for later, or shipped to a customer. To see the entire process, take a look at this video by Brands & Empires.

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