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DTF Printhead Maintenance Solution - 3.3 fl. oz (100 ml)

The UNINET DTF Printhead Maintenance Solution is designed to maintain printheads and preserve their usability for up to 30 days. This is advised when you intend to leave your printer idle for a few days, or up to 30 days.

Using the UNINET DTF Printhead Maintenance Solution will preserve your printhead and maintain its condition the same way you had last used it or left it.

The suggested amount of maintenance solution to be used is 1-2 ml per ink chamber. For cartridge-based printers, you can fill the solution into maintenance cartridges.

IMPORTANT: The UNINET DTF Printhead Maintenance Solution is not used or a substitute for cleaning or repairing your printheads.  This only maintains the usability and health of your printheads and keeps them functioning as intended. Make sure your printheads are functioning properly with no clogs or gaps on nozzle tests before using this product. Your printheads should also be clean and in good working condition before using the maintenance solution.