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IColor Glitter Media

Choose a Size (100 kits)

The IColor 2-Step Glitter Adhesive Media will allow you to transfer prints from the IColor series of printers onto a variety of light and dark garments and fabrics, with a glitter effect. Use IColor 2-Step Standard Transfer Media with this product to add a glitter effect to your everyday transfers. Unlike foil stamping, the glitter is part of the white adhesive that is applied as a result of the 2-step process. It enhances the color of your print, and increases the adhesion to your garment for maximum durability, opacity, and vibrancy on your finished product, as well as adds glitter to the entire image. Rasterization and breathability integrated into your design, as well as using the garment color as a mask, will enhance the stretch limit and softness of your finished product.

The purchase of the IColor Clear Cartridge system and glossy finishing sheet is required. Using white toner as an overprint will block out the glitter effect. Clear toner ensures a good bond between the transfer and adhesive media, but is transparent to clearly show the glitter. Designed to work with the IColor series of specialty printers, the IColor 2-Step Glitter Adhesive Media may work with other popular color laser printers as long as the image contains dense graphics - White toner enabled printers will not work.

Note: Sold in quantities of 100. 1 qty. = 100 A + B kits.