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Fume Extractor for DTF Powder Curing

80W 106 CFM, 3 Stage Filters, 3 Speed


Needed to help extract powder vapor from heat stations and automated heater / Shaker.




99.91% Purification Rate: The 80W DC motor of the fume extractor creates a powerful 106 CFM airflow to exhaust and purify the air.


3-Stage Filters: The fume extractor has 3 stage filters for high-quality filtration. A cotton filter, central HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter absorb all smoke, dust, and harmful gases at work. The filter is a pleated design, with an expansion area of 2.1m2, significantly increasing filtration effectiveness.


3 Adjustable Speeds: The speed can be adjusted according to your work needs. Three stages speed from strong to weak can meet different working requirements.


Low Noise Motor: The powerful 80W DC brushless motor creates a max rotation speed of 5800 RPM. In addition, our engine features low noise.


Compact & Flexible: Dimensions are 11 x 11 x 19.7 inches. Metal latches completely seal the main filter tank to prevent any leaks. There are four wheels. Among them, two are lockable, ensuring flexible and easy movement.


Package contents:


1 x Fume Extractor

1 x Smoking Pipe

1 x Smoking Cover

5 x Primary Filter Cotton

1 x HEPA Filter

1 x Activated Carbon Filter

1x Power Cord

1 x Manual