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IColor 650 White Toner Transfer Printer - Business Package With 16" x 20" Hotronix Fusion Heat Press

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Discover the UNINET iColor 650 - The Ultimate White Toner Transfer Printer for Your Business



Struggling with managing multiple machines for your printing needs? High maintenance costs straining your budget? Meet the UNINET iColor 650 White Toner Transfer Printer - your comprehensive solution for all digital printing requirements. Designed to elevate your business from 'managing' to 'excelling' by delivering superior quality, speed, and cost efficiency.


  • Top-Notch Quality
    With 1200 dpi resolution, the IColor 650 White Toner Transfer Printer doesn't just print; it creates masterpieces.

  • Superior Speed
    Experience a printer that's 4x faster than others, equipped with 1GB RAM.

  • Versatility at Its Best
    From White Overprint to Gold and Silver color printing, our White Toner Transfer Printer is your versatile virtuoso.
  • On-Demand Excellence
    LED and Low Temperature Fusing Technology for on-demand, large-scale graphics printing.
  • High Yield, Low Cost
    More printouts, less cost per page with our White Toner Higher Yield cartridge!


Ideal for businesses ready to scale up, the Pro Package offers everything in the Studio Package. Plus, an extensive range of transfer media, an exclusive White Toner Master Class, and a personal follow-up session with a white toner printing expert. It's the perfect package to take your business to the next level. What are the inclusions?

Pro Package Includes:

    • iColor 650 Transfer Printer: Your printing powerhouse
    • Lifetime Support & 2-Year Warranty: Ensuring a seamless experience
    • Software Suite: iColor ProRIP & iColor SmartCUT for precision control
    • Printing Materials:
      • CMYW Toner and Drum Cartridges
      • Additional K (Black Cartridge & Drum) for CMYK Printing
      • 100 sets of iColor 2-Step Select A3 Transfer Media A+B
      • 50 iColor 1-Step Light A3 Transfer Sheets
      • 25 Silicone Coated Kraft Release Sheets
      • 5 Teflon Transfer Sheets
      • 1 T-Seal Finishing Sheet
      • 2 Heat Safe Transfer Tape Rolls
    • Exclusive Master Class & Follow-up: UNINET White Toner Master Class & One-on-One Master Class Success Follow-Up with Richard Shanon
    • Advanced Printing Materials:
      • 100 sets of iColor 2-Step Standard 11x17 Transfer Media A+B
      • iColor Premium, Stretch, Standard, Select, and Ultra Bright 2-Step Transfer Sets
      • iColor Light 1-Step and Light Speed 1-Step Transfer Media
      • iColor Presto 2-Step Media Sets in Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, White, Neon Green, Neon Orange, and 20 other colors
      • Aquaclear 1-Step Media For Hard Surfaces, Hard Surface Classic, Premium, Ceramic Specialty, Wood & Leather Specialty Sheets
      • iColor Temporary Tattoo Media Sheets, Window Cling Sheets, and Magnetic Media
    • Bonus Items:
      • 6 Blank Bella Canvas 3001 Ringspun Cotton Shirts in White & Black, 
      • Toner Cleaning Cloths
      • iColor White Toner Beginners Notebook
      • Artwork for White Toner Transfers Instruction Book (Digital Download)
      • iColor Dual Channel Thermometer for Heat Presses
      • iColor Digital Hygrometer and Temperature Gauge
      • Hotronix Fusion 16" x 20" Heat Press ($2650 value)
    • Free Shipping: No additional cost, delivered to your location
Are you looking for a more cost-effective way to start? Our Studio Package could be your perfect match!


Say goodbye to the complexity of multiple machines, high maintenance, and rising costs. With the iColor 650 White Toner Transfer Printer, you welcome simplicity, low maintenance, and cost savings.


  • Cost-Efficient
    No more investing in multiple specialized machines.
  • Simplified Operations
    Experience streamlined operations with the convenience of a single, compact machine that efficiently handles all your printing tasks.
  • Low Maintenance
    You'll have more time to focus on growing your business than fixing machines.

Transform your business today with the UNINET iColor 650 White Toner Transfer Printer - Pro Package, the comprehensive solution for all your printing needs - now with FREE SHIPPING!

Everything You Need to Know: iColor 650 Transfer Printer - Pro Package FAQs

What is the iColor 650 Transfer Printer?

The iColor 650 is a versatile digital transfer printer with White Overprint and Underprint capabilities in a single pass and standard CMYK printing. It's a one-stop solution for all your printing needs, capable of handling various transfer media.


What is the print resolution of the iColor 650 Transfer Printer?

The iColor 650 offers an excellent print resolution of 1200 dpi, ensuring sharp, detailed, and vibrant prints every time.


What kinds of media can the iColor 650 Transfer Printer handle?

The iColor 650 can handle various transfer media, including standard, light, premium, stretch, select, ultra-bright, and temporary tattoo media sheets.


What type of technology does the iColor 650 Transfer Printer use?

The iColor 650 uses LED and Low-Temperature Fusing Technology, offering on-demand, large-scale graphics printing with high efficiency and quality.


What is unique about the toner cartridges of the iColor 650?

The iColor 650 features White Toner Higher Yield cartridges, which allow for more printouts at a lower cost per page, offering significant cost savings for your business.


Who is the Pro Package meant for?

The Pro Package caters to businesses ready to scale up their operations. If you plan to increase your output or diversify your product line, the Pro Package is a fantastic choice.


How many types of transfer media does the Pro Package include?

The Pro Package includes a wide variety of transfer media, including standard, light, premium, stretch, select, ultra-bright, and temporary tattoo media sheets.


Does the Pro Package include any personalized support or training?

Yes, the Pro Package features a personal follow-up session with Richard Shannon, ensuring you get the right support to leverage your white toner transfer printer fully.

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