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Automated Shaker

The UNINET DTF 14" Powder Applicator and Curing Machine can cure DTF film rolls and work as an in-line addition with the DTF 1000 (or any roll-to-roll Direct to Film printer). Take your DTF pipeline to the next level with automatic DTF powder application and drying.



•             Automatic Powder Application: Simply pour powder into the powdering section, and it will be applied evenly to your prints with variable adjustable speed controls.

•             Automatic Powder Removal & Powder Collect/Re-Use: Excess powder will be shaken off the film, and collect in a powder collection chamber for easy re-use of powder.

•             Sensor Film Detector: With the built-in film sensor, the roll-collection turns ON or OFF automatically to wind up and collect the printed and cured DTF roll.

•             Advanced Take-Up System: Additional tension bar to roll up the finished DTF films better.

•             Easy-Attach Fume Exhaust Port: Easily attach any fume extractor to the existing fume-exhaust port (fume extractor not included, sold separately).

•             Handles DTF media rolls up to 14" wide.


NOTE: Color and external shell style may vary depending on option and availability; Typically Black/Gray or Red.


The unit runs natively at 220v. If running in North America and you don't have a dedicated 220v plug, a power converter is available which provides more than enough power to run the equipment continuously.

(UNINET will provide you with the power converter free of charge, same converter that we use for the IColor 650). We will be moving to a 120v unit later in the year to avoid this.